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using the power of location


Location is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers

With our cutting-edge geotargeting solutions, you can connect with the right consumers in the right place across a range of digital platforms within the social media, video and display ecosystems.


And we don’t just rely on digital signals - instead we take a more comprehensive view of consumer behaviour as well as the location based nuances of your business. 


As a result, our campaigns are more integrated, multi-dimensional and ultimately more effective.


Importantly, our products are fully GDPR / privacy compliant and are cookieless to help deliver future-proofed experiences.


Why Location Matters

Harnessing the power of location allows marketers to:


Deliver advertising to the most relevant audiences


Ensure that ads are actionable by properly considering factors such as retailer locations, product availability, in-store promotions or travel times 


Align messaging with consumers activities, mindsets, thoughts & missions


Integrate with offline marketing activity, whether that’s doubling down or plugging any geographical coverage gaps


Improve resonance with localised creative


Create new geographical and behavioural insights to inform a range of marketing and business decisions


Maximise efficiency using our automated hyperlocal budget optimisation platform


Create better consumer experiences


When can location
improve performance?

When brands:

• Have specific service areas

• Operate physical stores

• Are stocked in specific stores

• Use real-world behavioural descriptors

• Have customer or survey based location data

• Utilise 3rd party geo-data

• Are running an offline marketing activity

If any of these apply to you, then our location-based planning, targeting and optimisation solutions could drastically improve the efficiency of your digital advertising and drive:

Brand perceptions and consideration.

Product sales.

Footfall to stores or venues.

Online or offline enquires.

Performance of complementary media channels.


Why choose crossover?

Our approach to location is different. We enhance the core technologies behind the social media, video or digital display platforms so that real world requirements, behaviors & datasets are properly considered. We achieve this through: 


We have a team of seasoned experts who understand the nuances of location-based marketing from both an online and offline perspective.

An Integrated

Multi-Platform Approach

This delivers better ad campaign performance by ensuring optimal budget allocation to the right platforms in the right location, with the right creative. Our automated system works across social media, video, and display.

Proprietary Optimisation Tech

Our unique platform can manage and optimise hyperlocal ad budgets in-flight using a wide range of online and offline datasets and performance indicators.

Dynamic Data- Triggered Adserving

Use client, third party or public data feeds to determine in real-time whether ads should be served in a particular location. Or dynamically tailor creative based on live hyperlocal data.

Automations & API Connections

These save time for clients and enable operational speed & accuracy when activating complex solutions.

Offering Custom Solutions

We create tailor-made, platform-agnostic plans that align with your specific goals and objectives.

We are trusted by leading brands, agencies and media owners

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Upgrade to the next generation of location based advertising

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